New Sites Give Anonymous Mortgage Quotes

For years, well-known mortgage sites have operated by collecting a borrower’s contact information and selling it to four lenders who call with a quote. Of course, this can lead to unwanted calls, spam, and junk mail.

New mortgage sites are reversing that model by offering answers without requiring any personal information. This signals a new trend in the mortgage industry: Putting borrowers in control by giving quotes with complete anonymity. Borrowers are provided with answers and then decide if they want to contact a lender without the hassle of lenders calling them.

This trend to empower borrowers is being led by three sites, each with a different approach and focus:

Zillow ( purchase or refinance- Zillow recently launched its Mortgage Marketplace where borrowers and lenders come together in an open, anonymous, and free marketplace. Borrowers submit mortgage requests anonymously and then an unlimited number of mortgage lenders can respond to borrowers’ private Zillow accounts by submitting mortgage quotes. Borrowers are anonymous to lenders.

Name, address, phone number or Social Security number is not required. Based on the information provided, mortgage quotes, from an unlimited number of lenders, will be sent to the private Mortgage Quotes section on Zillow. The borrower can then contact the lender, either by e-mail or phone, and ask more questions about the loan quote or apply for the loan.

LionSaves ([]) refinance debt consolidation – LionSaves is a HUD approved lender that uses FHA and Fannie Mae mortgage refinances to consolidate debt, for which the savings potential can be high. Designed for a borrower with a few debts to consolidate, it request information without requiring any contact info. The site performs a thorough and more personalized analysis to give a debt consolidation/mortgage quote based on real time interest rates while the borrower maintains their privacy.

If there isn’t enough equity to payoff all debts, it prioritizes credit card payoffs to maximize monthly savings. Borrowers can play with “what-if” scenarios and view different loan options while they remain anonymous until they choose to apply for the loan with LionSaves.

Mortgage Marvel ( purchase or refinance- MortgageMarvel provides a connection portal to different lenders. It requests basic information, including the loan amount, property value and ZIP code, then returns a list of rates offered by specific lenders. Mortgage Marvel gives quotes in complete privacy.

It enables the borrower to get rough quotes quickly by entering only three pieces of non-private information, this requires a few assumptions, which are listed at the top of the results page. It displays up-to-date mortgage rate and fee quotes from multiple lenders in an easy-to-understand table to compare rates, fees, and disclosures. Borrowers can get a quick look at interest rates for the loan they are considering, and then click directly to a lender’s site to complete a loan application.