how to Fix a Broken Ceramic Floor

Steps fixing ceramics:

When you buy ceramics, there will usually be a few pieces of ceramic tile unused. These tiles will come in handy when you need a replacement for the damaged ceramic tile. For pity if you buy a new tile set only to replace one piece of ceramic alone. Not to mention the old ceramic type you’ve not sold anymore.

If you do not have, or can not find a ceramic that is similar to your old ceramics, see ceramics that has the same size and color.

Use a drill with a ¼-inch drill size to make a few small holes in the ceramic tile. Do this diagonally, from one corner to another.

Place the chisel along each line between the hole and hit it with a hammer – not too hard – to split ceramics. Clean the remains shards of ceramic tiles. Then use a chisel to scrape the rest of the dry cement under your old tile. Repeat until you can remove as much as possible the rest of the dry cement.

Cleans your floor until it is completely not lagging behind the rest of the dry cement and dust and dirt. For maximum results, you can also use a vacuum cleaner.

For the new ceramic paste, mix Instant Cement (Adhesives Ceramic Wall and Floor) with water in accordance with user instructions, and then apply on the floor with the help of toothed Roskam.

Install and press the new ceramic coating on top of the Instant Cement earlier. Make sure that the ceramic mounted right in the middle. If you have trouble to install tile in the middle, put a spacer between the new ceramic tile in the tile before the old neighborhood. Then let it dry.

For finishing, a mixture Instant Cement (Charger Nat Ceramic) with enough water to fill the gap between the ceramic tile and new parents around. Allow to dry.

Gently remove the excess grout with a damp cloth. Take care that the grout layer is not removed. Then let it dry out and allow at least 24 hours before the ceramic can on departure.