How to Find an Apartment for Rent in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. In 2016 it was ranked as the most visited city across the globe.  The sights and sounds of Bangkok are its main attractions to diverse groups of tourists. Commerce and trade naturally increased too, in order to meet the demands of local and international tourists.

A boom in tourism means an increased demand for tourist lodgings, and semi-permanent accommodations for expats on an extended holiday in Bangkok.  A large number of multinational officers as well as retirees, and international students have made Bangkok their second home.  Apartments for rent in Bangkok are generally affordable, but finding the right one could be quite challenging.


Location is a prime consideration. For foreigners working in Bangkok, it is best to choose a place near the commercial business district, or one within walking distance of MRT and BTS.   Bangkok’s temperature is hot and humid throughout the year, and traffic is horrendous. With these considerations, traveling by tuk-tuk, or bus or car could be quite tasking. Aside from MRT and BTS, test commute is by boats and motorcycle taxis.  For families intending to live in Bangkok, the best place to pick is outside the city.

Types of Accommodations

There are different types of accommodations in Bangkok. They vary in terms of size, comfort, and cost.

Studio type apartment is the top choice of singles living in Bangkok.  However, for those on a tight budget, studios will do for lower income couples and families.  A very basic 25 square meter room could cost 3,000 THB per month. Its furnishing is bare, and the toilet flushed with a bucket of water.

A more comfortable accommodation is available at 6,000 THB. This type of studio unit has basic furniture, standard toilet and bath facilities, and a security guard at the building’s main entry. If the place is not in proximity to the MRT or BTS network, for the same price a 45 square meter studio unit with access to the gym and parking is possible.

Apartment units are usually in proximity to the MRT and BTS stations.   If the preference is cheaper apartment units, older units built before BTS have lower rental rates.

Older style apartment rental rates start at 12,000 THB per month. These are usually located a stone throw away from MRT. Though the units are old, they are spacious and comfortable for the price. Some units come with other amenities or facilities, while some do not.  Older apartments might have older air-conditioners, thus higher electricity bill.

New or modern apartment rentals, start at    18,000 THB per month. The floor area is not quite as spacious as those of older apartments, but the furnishings and gadgets are top of the line.  These apartments are near MRT and BST stations. The lease is usually short term because the rate of occupancy is not that high.  The space may be small but staying in this type of apartment is very convenient and hassle-free.

Serviced apartments are rented on a monthly basis. They are fully and nicely furnished, and may include cleaning services and in-house or restaurant room service.  Rental rates for this type of apartment starts at 16,000 THB up to 450,000 THB per month.  The average rental range though is from 35,000 to 75,000 THB per month.

Condominium units, whether penthouses or duplex apartments, are mostly high-end apartment units of 40 to 400 square meters. Rental rate is computed on a per square meter basis of 600 THB up to 1,000 THB.

Other Things to Consider

Not all apartment owners allow pets, so it is best to ask before committing to rent. Not all apartments have access for persons with disability, more so older apartment buildings.

Expats tend to live in Silom, Sathorn and Sukhuvit. However, Rachadphisek and Phra Khanong offer great accommodations for more reasonable rates.

A twelve-month contract is the standard in Bangkok.  Six-month lease is also available for other apartment owners.  Less than six-month lease may be available in condominium buildings managed by a single company. A lease contract that is more than three years has to be registered at the department of land.