Five Profitable Uses For Land In Kentucky

The beautiful state of Kentucky is known for its horse racing, beautiful parks, bluegrass music, and college basketball. Kentucky is a place of abundant resources and a very diverse environment. The beauty of this state makes it an ideal area to purchase land for business or residential use.

Solar Farming

The abundant Kentucky sunshine makes it an ideal place for solar farming. Renewable resources are gaining more attention and Kentucky has jumped on that bandwagon. More solar farms are cropping up in the state. Many solar developers are looking for additional land use. Usually, areas with more than five acres are ideal. Landowners can rent their land out to developers who want to build solar farms. The developer sells the solar power back to a utility and the utility uses the solar energy to power homes, and businesses. The developer takes responsibility for building the solar farm, maintenance of the property, and pays the tax bill. The landowner is not entitled to any profits from the farm but is paid rent on an annual or quarterly basis. The rental contract is normally for 20 years.

Wine Vineyards

The United States commercial wine business got its start in the bluegrass state. Kentucky’s winemaking industry is robust and expanding every year. There are several wine vineyards in the state, but there is room for even more. The scenic views of Kentucky, along with the good temperatures, sunshine, and rolling hills make it an ideal place for new wine vineyards. Just a few acres are needed to start a small vineyard. There are many beautiful acres of land for sale in Kentucky. There are many winemaking companies that are looking for quality grapes from vineyards. Additional income could be earned from hosting tasting rooms on the property.

Many vineyards also host weddings, and business conferences to add to the bottom line of the vineyard. Some established vineyards have built mini villas and cabins on the property. They then market the property as a vacation spot. If you’re into thinking big, a small vineyard could be expanded into a large enterprise. There are also many winemaking companies that look for vineyards to rent. The winemaking company will take over the daily operation of your vineyard. You will no longer be entitled to the profits of the vineyard, but you will be paid an annual rental fee for your property.

Market Gardening

More and more people are becoming health conscious. This means people are becoming more aware of the foods they are eating. An ideal use of the land would be market gardening. Market gardening is usually gardening production on a small scale. The garden produces your normal fruits, vegetables, and some flowers. The owner of a market garden sells direct. Some market gardeners sell their produce at farmers markets. Other farmers market their products to chefs at local restaurants and deliver to them weekly. Some market farmers cater to local supermarkets where they deliver micro greens and various flowers. Some farmers open their farms up to the public where consumers come and pick their own fruits and vegetables.

Commercial Leasing

Commercial leasing is a great use for land. There are many different types of businesses looking to lease property. Many of the large retailers that need to store stock often need many acres of land for their warehouses. The retailer pays a quarterly or annual rent payment, but the landowner retains ownership of the land. Many of these retailers offer 20-year lease agreements. Many hotels and resorts will lease land with the same kind of agreement. Paper and furniture companies also look to lease large parcels of land. They will use the land to plant trees, so they can be cut once they are fully grown. The trees are then used to manufacture paper and furniture. Whatever venture you decide to use your commercial property for, it’s important to do business with an experienced real estate professional.

Cattle Farming

One of the most basic uses for land in Kentucky is cattle farming. Starting a small scale cattle farm can be very profitable. It will not require a lot of land, but there will need to be facilities adequate to keep the cattle comfortable. Before embarking on this enterprise, be sure to consider your resources and level of interest. Kentucky is one of the largest cattle producing states in the U.S. Kentucky’s cattle industry is a billion-dollar-per-year industry.