Day: May 9, 2019

Moving Tips from Local Movers

Do you know where you are moving to? Have you got a house or apartment sorted, or are you working more on which city you want to move to? If you are moving to a new area there are a few things that you can do to make your move easier, and to ensure that you will settle in faster once you are in your new home.

Do Your Homework

This is particularly important if you are moving to an unfamiliar area – or even if you are moving back to an area after being away for a long time. Things can change quite rapidly, so talk to people who are there at the moment. Don’t rely on an opinion of someone who was in the area ten years ago. Many of the buildings they remember may not even exist, let alone the culture. Gentrification changes more than just the area being renovated, and whole communities can change within ten years. If you are moving to Austin, TX, see this post to get a few ideas.

Things to think about is what is the traffic like. Where will you be working. What are the property prices like near your work? Are you better living in a different area and commuting in each day, or is it going to be better to live closer to your workplace? What about schooling? Even if you don’t have kids, being aware of what the schools in your area are like can provide quite a lot of information about what sort of area you could be moving in to. It can also provide a little information about what the traffic congestion is likely to be at peak drop-off and pick up times.

Start Networking

One of the awesome things about the modern age of social media is that you can make new friends before you even arrive! Join local groups on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Follow local event locations, local entertainers and local businesses. This way you will get a feel of what sort of lifestyle you will enjoy once you arrive. Not only will this help you fit seamlessly into the culture, but it really helps build up the excitement level for your big move – and the more excited you are, the easier the transition will be. As an added bonus, generally someone who is excited and happy to be somewhere attracts people, so you’ll find yourself meeting lots of new friends and people that fit in with your interests (yes, even if you’re an introvert).

Council Encouragement

Have a look at your future local councils’ website, Not only is this full of useful information like rubbish collection and public transportation schedules, but you can also find out information that even locals sometimes miss out on. Schemes that encourage public transport use by offering discounts if you meet certain criteria, free parking in certain carparks if you are over a certain age, book delivery for invalids, and a range of …