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What Is the Difference Between Reinstatement Vs Modification of a Home Loan or Mortgage?

If your mortgage lender has sent you a letter demanding that you pay all of your back payments, as well as all late fees, penalties and legal fees in order to become current, then the process they are working with is called a reinstatement of your loan. Your lender views the delinquent amounts as defaulting on the terms of your home loan. This requires them to demand you catch up or they must foreclose on you and take your home. Can a home loan modification avoid this process and get you current without your having to pay this large amount? If the answer is yes, then why is this true? You may ask, what is the difference between reinstatement and modification of a home loan?

The demand for payment letter that a borrower receives is based on the terms of the loan. It only allows for paying the payment as described in your loan documents. If you are behind on your payments, you are still going to be held to the terms of your contract with the lender. There is no language in your loan to allow for changes. Therefore the lender has no other option other than collect or foreclose. You have fallen into default and the only contractual way to become current is to pay all past due amounts. Then your loan has become “reinstated” and you can keep your home as long as you continue to make payments on time. This process is called reinstatement.

But, the problem with the reinstatement process is, that if you are too far behind then you will be unable to find enough cash to catch up all at once. The language of your loan, then triggers a foreclosure that you are unable to stop.

Unless….You are able to work out an agreement with your lender to “change” the language and terms of your loan. This type of situation will call for “modifying” your loan. You modify the terms to make it possible for you to continue owning and paying for your house. It would include interest reduction to lower your monthly payment and taking your unpaid payments and putting them back into your loan. The new terms would have the effect of creating new monthly payments, which would be affordable to you. Your monthly payments would now fit within your monthly budget.

Why would the lender do this? Because, your lender loses a great deal of money whenever they foreclose on a home. This is complicated, but the costs your lender must pay can include:

1. The cost of the foreclosure process going through the court system.

2. Your home will probably sell for less today that just a few years ago due to the economy. If your lender receives less than you owe them, then they lose this money.

3. Care of your home while it is in the selling process. This includes large realtor commissions, utility bills and upkeep.

4. The lender borrowed money from an even larger lender …

Realty Vs Real Estate Vs Real Property

Realty and personal property terms have often been confused as to what they exactly mean. Here we will clear that right up for you. We will look at the terms personal property, realty, land, real estate, and lastly real property.

Let’s begin with personal property. Personal property also known as chattel is everything that is not real property. Example couches, TVs things of this nature. Emblements pronounced (M-blee-ments) are things like crops, apples, oranges, and berries. Emblements are also personal property. So when you go to sell your house, flip, or wholesale deal, you sell or transfer ownership by a bill of sale with personal property.


Realty is the broad definition for land, real estate, and real property.


Land is everything mother nature gave to us like whats below the ground, above the ground and the airspace. Also called subsurface (underground), surface (the dirt) and airspace. So when you buy land that’s what you get, keep in mind our government owns a lot of our air space.

Real Estate

Real estate is defined as land plus its man made improvements added to it. You know things like fences, houses, and driveways. So when you buy real estate this is what you can expect to be getting.

Real property

Real property is land, real estate, and what’s call the bundle of rights. The bundle of rights consist of five rights, the right to possess, control, enjoy, exclude, and lastly dispose. So basically you can possess, take control, enjoy, exclude others, and then dispose of your real property as you wish as long as you do not break state and federal laws.

Lastly there are two other types of property we should mention.


Fixture is personal property which has been attached realty and by that now is considered real property. So you would ask yourself upon selling to determine value “did you attach it to make it permanent?” The exceptions to this rule are the garage door opener and door key, these are not considered fixtures.

Trade Fixtures

Trade fixtures are those fixtures installed by say a commercial tenant or can be the property of the commercial tenant.

I hope this clears up some misconceptions about personal property, realty, land and real estate and now fixtures and trade fixtures!…

The Rights That Go With Real Property

The rights that go with real property can be summed up by the term appurtenances. When real property is sold, appurtenant rights are ordinarily sold along with it. They can, however, be sold separately, and may be limited by past transactions. In addition to knowing the boundaries of the land and which items are considered part of the real property (fixtures vs. personal property), homeowners and lenders also need to understand which rights are being transferred along with that parcel of real estate.

Fee simple ownership includes such other appurtenances as access rights, surface rights, subsurface rights, mineral rights, some water rights, and limited air rights. One way to understand the rights that accompany real property is to imagine the property as an inverted pyramid, with its tip at the center of the earth and its base extending out into the sky. An owner has rights to the surface of the land within the property’s boundaries, plus everything under or over the surface within the pyramid. This includes oil and mineral rights below the surface, and certain water and air rights. Air rights are sometime regulated by each state allowing for air traffic and water rights can differ from state to state.

It is possible, though, for the owner to transfer only some of the rights of ownership to another person. For example, a property owner may sell the mineral rights to a piece of property, but keep ownership of the farm. Later, when the land is sold, the mineral rights will most likely stay with the mining company (depending upon the wording of the contract involved) even though the rest of the bundle of rights in the land is transferred to the new owner. The new owner is limited by the past transaction of the previous owner, and may not sell these mineral rights to another party, nor transfer them in a future sale of the land.

A lender must know if the entire bundle of rights is being transferred (fee simple) or if there are restrictions or past transactions that may limit the current transfer of ownership in any way. This is important because it may have a great effect on the value of the real property. Transfer of access rights for a sidewalk to be placed across the front of a subdivision lot generally would not have a significant impact on the value of a piece of land. Transfer of mineral rights to a mining company, as in the previous example, likely would impact the value.…

Targets for the development of perumnas 2017

Perumnas is targeting construction of 30,000 houses by 2017. The number is increasing from this year’s development target of 26,000 units. On the other hand, from January to December 2016 Perumnas is only able to realize the construction of 18,000 units. Visit Home Mortgage via Perumnas Website

“Next year, the target is bigger than this year but we are optimistic that economic and property conditions in Indonesia will be better,” said Perumnas President Director Bambang Triwibowo in Jakarta on Thursday (29/12).

He said, throughout 2016 a large property market is still located around Jabodetabek. Thus, said Bambang, it will focus on building housing in the region.

“From the survey results, the housing market was 52% in Jabodetabek, so we will prioritize (residential development) in the potential area,” he said.

On the same occasion, Director of Finance and Human Resources Perumnas Hakiki Sudrajat said, next year Perumnas allocates budget (capital expenditure / CAPEX) around Rp 3-3.5 trillion. The figure is obtained from internal cash and a number of loans such as from the BTN.

“Capex does not include land expenditure if the land reaches Rp 4 trillion,” he said.

Hakiki, on the other hand, said that the developers have objected to the construction credit interest rate from banks that could reach 13%. In line with other developers, Perumnas has proposed that the construction credit interest can be a single digit.
“We have often submitted objections,” he said, adding that the interest should be suppressed by 6% because this is so that mortgages for consumers will be lighter.
Perum Perumnas prepares a flats development program on the market and railway stations in a number of locations.

“The development is carried out in cooperation with PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI),” said President Director of Perum Perumnas, Bambang Tri Wibowo, on the sidelines of the groundbreaking event of flats in Medan, North Sumatra, Wednesday (5/4).

Construction of towers above the railway station, said Bambang, will be implemented in the West Cape, Pondok China, and Palmerah. The three regions are located in DKI Jakarta

“God willing, groundbreaking will be held this April,” he said.

In addition to the above railway station, Perum Perumnas will also build a tower above a number of markets by utilizing the existing location.

“It will be built in Cempaka Putih, Grogol, Block G Tanah Abang and others,” he said.

Construction of flats in various areas is intended as one form of realization of a million house program run by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).
Tangerang City Government asked the Ministry of Public Works and People’s Housing (Kempupera) to build a simple rental apartment (rusunawa) for scavengers at the Rawa Kucing Akhir (TPA) Rawa Kucing, Neglasari Tangerang City.

“We hope that Kempupera through the Directorate General of Housing Provision can help us to realize the construction of rusunawa for waste pickers at TPA Rawa Kucing Tengerang Landfill,” said Tangerang Mayor Arief R Wismansyah during an audience with Director General of Housing Sharif Burhanuddin at Kempupera, Jakarta…

How to Rent Apartments in Charlotte Even With Bad Credit

Though most of the apartments in Charlotte will require you to have a good credit history but with the help of the right sources you can easily get a good Charlotte apartment even if you have a bad credit record.

The beautiful city of Charlotte is not only the biggest city in the state of North Carolina but also the seat for the chamber of commerce as well. Over the years this particular city has proven itself to be amongst the most ideal places to live in America. the city is already is home to around 700,000 people yet continuously attracting not only tourists but also other people planning to settle in here. This is so because of the city’s economic growth, employment opportunities, and cultural heritage and last but not the least the city includes some of the safest neighborhoods to live in with a family. But buying apartments in Charlotte can be expensive so the best possible means to live in this city is go for the Charlotte apartments for rent.

There are plenty of good apartments in Charlotte that not only gives you job proximity but also are easy to get on rent with all the amenities to make your living a comfortable one. You can easily get Charlotte apartments for rent but it would be easier if you don’t have a bad credit record or record of any broken lease. The landlords of the Charlotte apartments mainly run this type of background checks before choosing the right tenant only to keep a safe neighborhood and also to follow the housing laws for tenancy as well. So if you have any flaws in your credit record or rental history you may be denied by the apartments leasing managers. You can be approved for tenancy only if you go for the no credit check Charlotte apartments for rent.

But you need not to worry even if you have a bad credit history as you will surely get plenty of good Charlotte North Carolina apartments for rent where you will get a chance to explain your situation to the leasing managers or the landlord even after running a background check over you as it is a standard procedure before leasing apartments in Charlotte city. But it can tricky as well and apartments like these or apartments with no credit check can be difficult to find too. But there are certainly a few places where you can look for if you are looking for a good apartment. They are:

• Cotswold

• The Aboretum,

• Parkdale

• Sedgefield

Usually apartments with no credit checks are a bit difficult to find only for one reason and that is they are not advertised properly in order to avoid drawing the attention of the wrong kind of people. So the best way to find suitable apartments in Charlotte is to seek help of your trusted sources such as family, friends or co-workers. You can also go for the good apartment finders or real …

Pay Less Rent by Paying More Security in Mumbai Real Estate

In Mumbai most of the residential property owners follow a simple rule. The rent is a package and the package is divided into rent plus security. For every Rs one lakh of security that one pays, the rent decreases by Rs 1,000 per month.

Take the case of Amit Tandon, a bachelor working with KPMG in Mumbai, who shares his three bedroom apartment with his two friends. Their monthly rent package was Rs 30,000 but after paying a whopping security of Rs five lakh, they have managed to reduce the monthly rent by Rs 5,000 to Rs 25,000. Says Amit, “This is a simple rule that is followed in most places in Mumbai. And the security amount has to be paid before shifting.” If it is a furnished flat, a landlord takes deposits that cover the assets of his flat.

But when does the tenant get the refund. “Ideally before one leaves, one should get the refund. Normally there is a month’s notice during which time the landlord has to arrange the money,” says Amit.

If you are bank a employee in Mumbai, then the bank provides support for security deposit and then it becomes a bank lease. The tenants pay the bank and the landlord is paid by the bank. Nearly all banks in Mumbai property markets help their employees with security deposits, and this is basically part of their perks.

However, banks intervene only in case it is a bank lease. But banks generally do not intervene unless there is an issue still the responsibility is with the tenants to recover this money.

Security system is different in Mumbai and southern cities. In the property markets of southern cities of Bangalore and Chennai, ten months rent as deposit is the general rule. But in Mumbai Property market there is no concept of how many months of security deposit. The amount paid per month as well as security deposit depends on location, and varies significantly in different parts of Mumbai, based floor, sea facing or non sea facing and finally it depends upon how you negotiate the deal.…

Why Most Real Estate Prospecting Letters Fail

Have you paid attention to the real estate prospecting letters you get in the mail?

Most of those real estate letters begin by breaking the #1 rule in copywriting: It isn’t about you.

Because those agents think the letters are about them, they begin the very first sentence with the word “I” or “We.”

As a result, a huge percentage of people begin reading the letter with a thought or feeling of “Why should I care about you?” or maybe “Yeah, so what? Who are you to me?”

The truth is, your prospects don’t give a hoot about you. They want to hear about themselves. The only reason they’ll read your letter is to see what benefit it holds for them.

You could say “My doctor says I’ll be dead by Tuesday unless you list your house with me,” and it wouldn’t budge them a bit. They’d think “Sorry, that’s not my problem.”

That’s a little extreme. But you get what I mean.

So there’s the first big mistake. And most of the time, from there it doesn’t get any better.

Those letters might go on to say how many listings an agent has or how many dollars worth of real estate he or she has sold. It might even mention their “alphabet soup” designations – which don’t mean a thing to most homeowners.

It’s all just more of the “me, me, me” message that doesn’t interest prospects in the least.

So what can you do instead?

You can write about their concerns and worries. You can show them that you recognize their problems, and then explain what you’ll do to help solve those problems.

Your approach will naturally be different if you’re writing to a “cold” group of homeowners in a specific neighborhood as opposed to say, a group of people with expired listings or a list of homeowners who have received a notice of default.

When you know what specific problems those homeowners have, it’s easier to show how you’ll solve them.

But even if you’re writing to a mixed farming area and don’t know what problems they need to solve, you can appeal to their curiosity and interest.

For instance, you can offer information about what’s been happening in that neighborhood. You can let them know how many homes are for sale or have sold in the past month or so. You can share average prices. You can tell them if prices are up or down from last month, or last quarter. And then you can offer to put them on your list for periodic updates.

Almost as an afterthought, you can let them know that you’d be happy to prepare a market analysis if they’re considering selling their home.

Today, successful marketing is all about giving something before you ask for anything. You have knowledge and advice. Give them freely.

Real Estate Investing: Adjusted Gross Lease

It is imperative that the lease structure of a property selected be just as suitable as the property. Commercial leases can be gross, adjusted gross or net leases. In a gross lease, the lessor is responsible for the payment of utilities, taxes, maintenance and the property insurance; the lessee has to pay the lessor a base rent, which includes all the charges. The lessee has to agree to pay his share of any increases that may occur in the base operating expense. In some cases, the lessee just pays a fixed base rent for the duration of the lease and agrees to pay for any increase in the operating expenses as well as the maintenance dues at the end of the first year of the lease.

What Is An Adjusted Gross Lease?

A modified or adjusted gross lease is similar to a gross lease except that it excludes some basic services that are typically provided by landlords such as the responsibility to pay their taxes, insurance, maintenance and utility bills. In some adjusted gross leases, the landlord is not responsible to pay for maintenance; janitorial services, electricity, and these charges are not included in the base rent. An adjusted gross lease is very useful for multi-tenant properties as each of the lessee has different needs and keeps different timings, hence they would prefer to have separate meters to measure the utility usage such as electricity and water. Separate meters will prevent any dispute regarding the pro-rata share each has to pay. Like for example in a multi-tenant building, let us consider two of the tenants. A is operating a boutique and opens from 9 am to 9 pm, Monday to Saturday, where as B is a dentist who works from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday. Separate meters will ensure that one tenant does not end up paying a part of the expenses of another tenant. The tenants are responsible to pay for their share of the utility bills.

Base rent in an adjusted gross lease is usually higher than a net lease due to the pass through feature of the lease. Pass through refers to the method of making the lessee pay a proportionate share, to pay for any increase in the operating expenses at the end of a base year. The recoverable expenses will be borne initially by the landlord, which can be calculated based on dollar per square foot, or a pre-defined amount. An adjusted gross lease is more equitable than a gross lease.

Lease agreements need to be understood clearly and the help of an attorney sought to comprehend its entire content. Make sure that the property selected and the type of lease suits your needs.

There are firms that help businesses run successfully by offering their services as well as products.…

3 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate Investing Without Ever Buying a Property

There seems to be what I call a fog of information about real estate investing. It is not uncommon for a wannabe investor to pay more money learning about real estate investing than he would pay for a master’s degree. Even after spending all that money, many investors never do a real estate transaction. In spite of this there are some individuals making substantial incomes without actually buying and selling properties.

Following are three techniques that individuals in the real estate industry are using to make money without actually buying and selling properties themselves. I omitted ancillary investments like tax deeds or tax liens, lease options, options, realtors as commissioned agents and other methods that do not require your actually buying properties.

1. Selling Other People’s Properties (SOPPs) is a great way to begin doing real estate deals without having any money in the transactions. The first thing to do is build a buyers list using all the usual networking and internet collection methods. Next, contact every local wholesaler and request to re-sell whatever properties they have for sale. Usually they have no objection but they want you to mark up the properties from their offering price. Finally, you will email your list of the other wholesalers’ properties as they become available. Just because the original wholesaler may not have sold the property doesn’t mean that someone on your list won’t buy it.

You should establish what your compensation is before you email anyone else’s property and I suggest you get it in writing in a simple Partnership Agreement. This re-offering other wholesalers’ properties may require some travel on your part to make sure you get credit for the buyers you send to the property. Don’t send your buyers to properties that have For Sale signs with the wholesaler’s telephone number on them – otherwise your lead will call the owner!

2. To make more money on wholesale transactions, an investor should prospect for and get homeowners to sign a contract with them that has a 15 – 30 day inspection period and then advertise the property to his wholesale buyers list. The investor will not have to have money to close the transaction if he simply assigns the contract to the end-buyer he found. A guideline that I use is; if the profit is less than $15,000, the investor should assign the contract. If the profit is greater than $15,000, the investor should do a double closing so neither the buyer or seller knows the amount of the investor’s profit. In this case, money is needed but the investor can use transactional funding that should be much easier to get than hard money.

Investors who wholesale by selling to other investors, learn very quickly that their buyers list is critical to their success. The more emails on their buyers list, the easier it is to sell their properties and the competition by the buyers on their list leads to higher wholesale prices. In fact, the most successful wholesalers have …

HUD-1 As A Marketing Tool – For Realtors

How Can HUD-1 Help You Generate Business?


HUD-1 is a standard form you use very often. The form serves not just as a settlement closing statement, but also as a proof of payment of different tax deductions. Understanding the form and the tax deductible items and communicating them to your clients will help your clients to minimize their taxes and help you to build trust and get more business exposure.

What is the HUD-1


HUD-1 is a form used by the settlement agent (closing agent) to itemize all incoming funds and all charges paid and accrued by a borrower and seller for a real estate transaction.

When is the HUD-1 Issued?

The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) requires that the form be issued in all real estate transactions in the United States which involve federally related mortgage loans. RESPA states you should be given a copy of the HUD-1 at least one day prior to settlement.

When Do Clients Need HUD-1 For Taxes?


Clients use the information included in the form when they file their annual taxes. The filing deadline is normally April 15 of every year for the proceeding year. To allow the client enough time to file taxes using the HUD-1 information, it is recommended that a copy of the HUD-1 will be sent to the client in January.

Because the real estate transaction takes place during the year, usually long before filing the tax return, the HUD-1 given to the client at closing time could be lost or misplace. Sending the client a copy of the HUD-1 with a cover letter will be very helpful and time savings to the client.

HUD-1 Client Sample Letter


The following is a sample letter you can use to send your clients:



Dear [Client’s Name]:

Tax time indeed is just around the corner, and the first thing you will need is a copy of the Closing Statement on your property. Moving can be a very busy time, and you may have misplaced this very important document.

I would like to be sure you avail yourself of all the tax advantages possible from our transaction. If your accountant has any questions, please have him or her call me (if you need a referral to an accounting you can trust, I’d be happy to provide you with one).

I look forward to continuing as your realtor and providing you the highest level of service possible.

Yours sincerely,

[your name]

Oh, by the way… If any of your friends or relatives are thinking about buying or selling a home, I’d love to be of service to them. So, when you think of these people, just give me a call with their name and number. I’ll be happy to follow up and tend to their Real Estate needs.

Which HUD-1 Information Is Important For Your Client’s Taxes?

The information reported in the HUD-1 relates to the following tax statements and schedules:

Tax form HUD-1 line…