Easy Tips on Stair Renovation Homeowners always dream of having a renovated stairs by means of changing the carpeted stairs into a beautiful oak stairs that will bring elegance and style to their homes. This endeavor will really be costly to accomplish. But if you seek for help form a stair expert and buy the right products, you can definitely minimize your expenses. If you change your carpeted stairs into a maple or red oak one is a process that has already been mastered by various construction and renovation companies. It will always depend on your existing tread design since the tread caps will be placed over your existing treads without doing any major modification. For most cases, there is no need to remove the old treads which means that you can really save a lot of money.
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Renovation companies are very compliant to their standard procedures that are why you don’t need to worry if the carpet is removed since the thickness of the stairs will just be stationery. You need to consider about the riser height because this is one the most important safety issued that has a standard of 1″ thick tread. Installing it is very easy. First, you must remove the carpet. You should cut off the nosing of the existing tread afterwards. Next, the rough riser must be covered by a riser material. Next is to install the tread cap by cutting to length. Using this process will not need you to replace your entire stairs. With the help of a professional renovation experts, your new staircase will easily be achieved by doing it all by yourself. Your pickets or balusters can also be upgraded in much similar way, too. A square top baluster that has a turned design is a good replacement option for an outdated square baluster. You can accomplish this task without even having to remove or replace the handrail. By just using the same bottom holes and the fillet in the plowed rail is being replaced, your balusters can be easily installed without even considering a rail replacement. Your local renovation company can easily do the job for you or you can also do it on your own. You can also rely on your stair supplier if you have questions or queries and also when it comes to the installation process. Renovating your stairs already has a lot of options to do so but when it comes to the budget and consequences, you must be very ready since this is your decision and top priority.