THE IMPORTANCE OF HIRING A HOME INSPECTOR PRIOR TO BUYING A NEW HOUSE. Before you buy a house it is important that you inspect every nook and cranny first. Do yourself a favor and not forget to have the house duly and properly inspected, saving you from potential pocket- and heart- aches later on. This could potentially mean extra big bucks spent in hiring that well-known inspector but on your end, you get to ensure that the money you have paid for the prospective home will really be a good investment; plus they will tell you exactly what they think about the house and not what your realtor would like you to hear. As is the common practice today, homeowners often bring with them a hired inspector to conduct his own home inspections – independent from the person whom the real estate agent had recommended to the clients earlier. It is not that you do not fully trust your agent (after all, you have bought the house from them in the first place), but more on just being sure that you are buying a good investment for your hard-earned money; this is what made you decide not to use the one that they had recommended. As house owners now realize the need to have the new house inspected first by an independent contractor, more and more people are opting to find their own contractor who will have their best interest at heart. Professional home inspectors would come quite handy during your site surveys, so make sure that you bring them with you so they can personally check for pipe holes and leaks, sinking foundation, caving walls, falling roofs, and any other conditions that could put you and your family’s life at risk.
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Do not expect your realtor to inform you of such things, regardless if they mean it or not, or maybe they themselves are not aware of it at all. As most realtors are honest and would be willing to provide such information to their buyers, but not all of them are familiar with such things. They might not even think of it at all since they were informed by the construction firm or previous homeowners that, it is really like that.
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Truly, having a home inspector conduct a full and totally independent assessment of the house you are planning to buy, would benefit no one but you and your family – letting you know and understand the exact condition of your targeted property. Moreover, depending on your inspector’s findings on the house, they may give you some bargaining power for a lower price of which, the owner or realtor might be glad to take on.