Homes for Sale In Guam If you are interested to buy a house in Guam, I am sure that you already know that there are no restrictions of foreign ownership of properties except that you are only allowed to buy either one owner-occupied house or a condominium under your personal name. It is another story if you want to be a citizen of Guam. Now, because you are new to the place, it would be wise to sit down first and make a check list. A must do list is important so you will know the first things to do; otherwise you will just be like the impulse buyers who buy property without considering the surrounding environment. You can assemble it this way: features, plan for what neighborhoods and school district you would like to live in, and start working on your budget. Just remember that buying a new home is out of the questions because you need a full mortgage for it, and if it is a second hand house you need to make sure that you have enough budget for repairs. If you have already determine the what and the where to look and have set up a budget, you next need to find a good real estate agent who will help you find the best place or houses for rent. Without your preparatory check list, an agent can be misled to show you numerous houses that ends up into a house hunt thus wasting both of your time.
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So when you have chosen a good agent, you can sit down with him and describe the house that you want and this will help the agent narrow down the choice to what closely matches your choice. Never forget to inquire about positive features and bad ones. You should ask the agent if it floods in the place when there is heavy downpour or if you can have easy access to the highway when this happens. Inquire about the water and power supplies especially during the summer time.
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Sometimes the check list is not followed strictly because you can find a house completely out of your list but with great features that catch your attention. An agent’s knowledge of the real estate market in specific areas is a fundamental component in your house search because this can give you a leeway in any transaction that you will have when you are already face to face with the owner of the house. If you are convinced of the house you want to buy, your should make the owner an offer, and deposit earnest money under his name and offer to buy the property. When you have closed the deal, the earnest money will be applied to the final price.