The Importance of Purchasing a New House and Not a Pre-owned One In a real estate market that offers plenty of distressed properties, buyers are exposed to many cheaper routes to owning their first home. But regardless of the fair bargains that foreclosed properties and short sales present in the pre-owned market, the benefits of buying a new home are still very significant. So if you’re still wondering what’s in it for you if you buy new 233 East Ringwood homes, the benefits explained here may shed some light: Personalized Construction
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Many real estate developers offer buyers an opportunity to take part in the process of designing their homes, and that helps come up with exterior and interior living spaces customized to the specific tastes of a future owner. For example, a new owner may be allowed to dictate issues such as floor designs and the location of the kitchen. Unlike what the case is with a used home, a newly-built allows for a high level of versatility, letting an owner plant a permanent identity on the new house’s design and construction.
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Energy-Efficient Appliances Newly built houses boast energy-conserving construction that plays a role in the reduction of utility bills for the new owner. These kind of houses are sold with green equipment and appliances, such as HVAC systems, washing machines, and stoves–an advantage that most older houses do not have. Experts do agree that, while air conditioning equipment is considered to be among the highest users of energy, kitchen appliances are also significant. You may retrofit an existing home with more environmentally-friendly appliances, but that comes at a cost. The Ideal Condition In line with what most real estate inspections show, a new property that’s been put up in harmony with the industry’s best practices, rules, and regulations is always in a great form, making it attractive for buying. A pre-owned house has gone through wear and tear after some time, but that shouldn’t preoccupy your thought process as you evaluate a newly-built. For a new home buyer, great condition translates to fewer repairs and lower maintenance costs over time. Warranties Many developers don’t mind taking care of any patch ups that may be needed for the newly built home at least over the first one year. A warranty of this kind is not possible when buying an existing home. Other components of the new property may by warranted for a while longer. As such, if there’s leakage on your roof or a glitch with the heater within the warranty period, the developer won’t mind offsetting the repair costs. There are many reasons for acquiring newly built 233 East Ringwood apartments rather than pre-owned units.