Asphalt shingles have been very popular over the years, but with the new designs in roofing and owners wanting their house to be unique, many other options are now available to enhance the look of a home and to protect it. A roof should keep a home dry, safe and energy-efficient. The style of a home will be a big deciding factor in the type of roofing system that will work or look the best. The main reason a roofing system fails is improper installation. Regular maintenance is also necessary and repairs should be quickly performed on a damaged roof to extend its life.

Commercial roofing systems are more complex than residential roofs because of the size and different structure type. Working with an experienced roofing company will eliminate many of the questions a homeowner or business has about their roofing system. Proper ventilation for either type of roofs is very important. A building that does not have the proper ventilation will have higher utility bills and the roof will fail well before it should. A roof needs equal intake and exhaust vents. Vents along the roof’s edge should draw air in and push out heat and moisture through the exhaust vents near the peak of the roof. Two types of exhaust vents should never be installed on a roof. Heat and moisture will travel out the larger vent instead of all of them.

Gutters are another important part of a roofing system and they are not all made the same. Water and ice backups can cause damage to fascia boards and soffits. The fascia board is nailed to the end of the rafters and encloses the roof overhang. Gutters attach to this board. Soffts are the small openings along the overhang of a home that allows air to enter the attic area to keep the roof cool. Missing gutters and downspout systems can cause damage to a building’s foundation. Seamless gutters reduce the chance of leaks developing where gutter pieces were put together. Harsh weather can wreak havoc on any type of roofing system. When a roofing system needs to be repaired or replaced, an experienced Roofer Company in Springfield Missouri should be contacted.