Summer Activities for Youth Groups

During summer, it is important to keep your youth group members busy with different activities. The group members can continue with ministry through a number of activities. However, you need to plan well to have successful activities for your youth group. The activities have more chances of ending up successful if you plan for them early enough.

The activities you plan do not need to be expensive for the youth group members to have fun. There are a number of cheap and simple activities you can do. Here are some ideas that you can plan for your youth group mission group during summer.

Serve at a Food Pantry
You and the group can also volunteer at a food pantry or host a food drive. Unlike what you may think, food pantries need even more food during the summer. The youth group can connect with the larger church body by hosting food drive. This activity will make the members aware of the needs of the community. It will also be great if members can volunteer at a food pantry. You can find food banks and food pantries in your area by searching online. Get in touch with the pantries that are a good fit for your youth group and inquire about volunteering.

Corn-hole Tournaments
You can get your youth mission group message reach many people without spending a lot by hosting a corn-hole tournament. Taking part in corn-hole tourneys does not require a participant to have exceptional skills. If you have the budget, you can even extend the tournament to become a corn-themed night event. You can minister to the people who have attended the nigh event while corn is being roasted and meat grilled. This way, everyone gets to have fun and your group members continue with their ministry mission.

Wash Cars
Washing cars is another simple yet fun activity you can organize for your youth group. When you wash cars for free for church members and other locals, you will be serving the community while having fun. During summer, people are always on the road and they love their cars shining. The community will be encouraged to see that your group is washing cars for them without expecting anything in return. During the activity, it will be a great time to let the people you interact with know more about your youth group.

Help to Serve Meals at Shelters
Get involved with homeless organizations and help them with various tasks such as cleaning and serving meals. If there are no homeless charities in your area, check for other non-profits. You can connect with the outside world by volunteering your skills with such organizations.
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